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Is owned & operated by Larry Micklevitz contact me by E-mail at LarryMicklevitz@AOL.COM ,Boasbyklevitz@yahoo.com or Boasbyklevitz@yahoo.com . Call me at 1-847-#### between 11:00am & 9:00pm. All Available Boas are CB/Captive Bred & in excellent condition. Each Boa is a Gem and can make a great pet or wonderful Breeding Stock!! Please Look around at Pictures of my Personal Boa Breeding Stock. I've been interested in snakes, reptiles & amphibians since a very young age. I caught my first Garder Snake as a four year old boy. I was hooked, from then on snakes became my favorite creature. I Loved to go outside on a spring day and Look for Garder Snakes. I swear I could smell them when they were out moving around. I would quite easily track them down and catch them bear handed. My hand was quicker then their bite! I had fun catching Garder snakes, grass snakes, frogs, salamanders, turtles, painted turtles, softshell turtles down in the Fox River, snapper turtles, some very Large maybe alligator Snappers I believe they are called, fish, crawdads-Crayfish out of the Fox River also. As I grew older sports took over more of my time, then the opposite sex. Leaving Little to no time for my beloved Garder Snake catching. Years later after a divorce I decided I needed to get back to my roots, so to speak.I started collecting snakes again.Boa constrictors became my favorite snake, I became very interested. I started looking around at pet stores for Boa Constrictors. Local Pet stores didn't seem to have any Boa Constrictors. They did have Ball Pythons, so I bought two Ball Pythons. I was still very interested in Boa Constrictors. Later I found some Colombian type Boas and Guyanese in a couple pet stores I didn't realize existed few towns south of me.
Later I started researching Boa Constrictors online. learning every possible detail I could soak up about these amazing creatures. I learned my Guyanese Boas were consodered locality specific Boas. I learned as much about Locaity Specific Boas as I could find. Plus I became more enlightened about the many different Sub species of Boa constrictor. Bci-Boa constrictor imperator, Bcc-Boa constrictor constrictor.Which includes Boas of of Peru in Amazon Basin ares.Also the Guiana Shield Boas of which my Guyanese belong to.There are Bca, Boa Constrictor Amarali, Bco Boa constrictor occidentalis, and several other species. Not to forget all the other Locality Boas, Central American Boas , Island Boas. I found that Boas Live all around the world. Places such as Madagascar with Madagascar Ground Boas and Dumerils Boas also from Madagascar. All Boa Constrictors are of course from Central and South America. Madagascar is an Island that's very close to Africa.
My research brought me to many different Boa Breeders online. So of course I ordered a couple.The first online Boa was an Adult Female I adopted named Salina. I still have Salina she's the Largest Boa I own.Salina is a Colombian Bci with a circle back connected pattern and a squaretail or what I Like to call Laddertail. The first pair of Boas I purchased online were a pair of Argentine Boas from Bob Clark.The Boa collection began to grow, buying Boas became Like an addiction. Designer color and pattern Morph Boas soon fascinated me after seeing an Arabesque Boa pictured online. I thought it was the most beautiful Boa pattern I'd ever seen, that was it I was addicted to designer Boas ! After some time I decided to attempt a Morph breeding. My first Morph Breeding produced 21 Slugs and one still born Boa. From pairing a Matuszak Boabasement Hypo Potentially Dominant, 66% Possible Double Het for Ghost(meaning Hypomelanistic Boa Het Anery) and another Large Colombian Female Boa unknown age probably 6-8 years old named " Rosa' ". The still born baby Boa appeared to be a Ghost Boa with circle back Laddertail Like its Mother Rosa'. This would make Rosa' 100% Het Anery Boa. I'll never be able to find out exactly what the baby was because I Lost the Male Matuszake Hypo this past Summer,over heated I believe. So now I've collected many wonderful beautiful mostly Morph Boas. Don't get me wrong I Love Locality Boas as well all of them, I have quite a few. The Morph Boas really caught my attention at first I wasn't very fond of the Idea of Morph Boas.
Soon though I became fascinated with Boa Morphs and the Genetics involved. I started collecting mostly Morph Boas, gravitating towards the most Beautiful Like Coral Albino Kahl strain Boas.The Rare Sharp Strain Albino Boas. I became interested in True Pastel Boas from Browsing the Master of Pastel Boas
Jeff Ronne-"The Boaphile".
Now Mr.Ronne developed the King of the Pastel Boas the Pastel Dream Albino Boa. I decided this was a very important strain of Boas because of there great Beauty and predictable Genetics. So I'm pursueing the breeding of these Beautiful Pastel Albino " Boaphile/Ronne " strain Boas. I own 2.1 100% Het Pastel Dream Pastel Albino Boas. Also 5 Females 66% possible Het for Pastel Albino from Mr.Ronne-"The Boaphile".
Now one of the first Boa patterns that caught my eye from the very start when I started researching Boas was what I soon Learned to be an "Arabesque Boa". Arabesque Boas I consider to be my favorite pattern anomily or pattern Morph Boa. I have a few Arabesque Boa also.
I own one 2007 Male Jungle from Jeremy Stone. I produced my first Jungle litter with that 2007 male Jungle
My Boa research led me to some very interesting types of Boas. The most interesting and beautiful in my opinion was the Colombian T+ Boa (T+ stands for Tyrosinase positve). Most Albino Boas are T- Boas.The T+ Positive Colombian Albino Boa or Carmel Albino as some people call it is extremely rare. Tracy & Dave Barker of "VPI" Reptiles discovered these wonderful beautiful Boas and Genetics behind them. I only dreamed of owning one of these beauties some day. Well the day came much sooner then I thought it would. Circumstances in my Life allowed me to purchase a 2004 Male Colombian T+ Albino Boa and Female 100% Het T+ 2004 Boa from Tracy Barker at "VPI". I believe I became only the sixth person in the entire world to own the Colombian VPI T+ Albino Caramel Boa. I hope to have some 100% Het T+ Boas available with in the next two years hopefully. I'll continue to produce Boas and will have Baby Boas Available to offer on a continued basis for many many years to come. Enjoy yourself Browsing around and Looking at all my Boas in my Galleries.

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